Deadline date 1: 03/31/2023

Deadline date 2: 06/15/2023

Deadline date 3: 09/15/2023

Deadline date 4: 11/15/2023

Grant Application Guidelines

While giving can be easy, responsible giving is more challenging. The Farrell Family Foundation (FFF) is determined to make each gift with a sense of purpose and with the clear expectation of measurable outcomes. The preferred method of making major gifts is through "matching funds," as it encourages the receiving non-profit organization to work harder to solicit other gifts, while inspiring greater confidence in other donors. Through matching gifts the FFF's contribution can potentially be greatly enhanced.

Grant Requirements

  • All donor recipients must be qualified tax exempt organizations under section 501 ( C ) 3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or the equivalent federal designation in another country.
  • Grants will be given to organizations that demonstrate that they have competent management who have a history of delivering results in an effective and cost efficient manner. Levels of overhead expenses will be taken into consideration.
  • Grant recipients must have the ability and willingness to measure and report results.
  • An underlying philosophy that runs throughout all FFF contributions is the promotion of self-reliance, responsibility and accountability.
  • Currently, the FFF is focused on funding strong organizations in San Diego County.

Application Requirements

  • Application Cover Sheet and Proposal Narrative
  • IRS and Franchise Tax Board Determination Letter confirming not-for-profit status.
  • Program Budget
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Most recent newsletter
  • Annual Report
  • List of board members, with brief description of qualifications
  • Most recent publications, news articles or other relevant materials about your organization and/or proposed project.
  • Include any letters of support from community-based groups or professional associations. Evidence of networking will receive special consideration

Upload your application to the portal here. If submitting online is not possible, you may also mail your completed application to Kristi Burlingame.

Mail completed application and proposal to:
Kristi Burlingame -
Executive Director
Farrell Family Foundation
PO Box 205
Kentfield, CA 94914
T: 1+ 310 683 9142

Proposal Narrative

Grant Limitations

Grants generally not approved for:

  • Regular and ongoing operating support.
  • Contingencies, deficits or debt reduction.
  • Capital works or organizations with administrative costs over 10%.


The primary focus of the FFF will be in the following areas:

Education, With An Emphasis On Technology - Gifts will be made to tertiary institutions, as well as secondary schools oriented toward technology. Ideally these schools will serve underprivileged children who have the capability but not the resources to reach their full potential.

Health And Human Welfare - A FFF goal is to improve the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of members of society who require a helping hand to get them out of difficulty, but have the desire and will to eventually become independent and productive citizens.

The Arts - Recognizing that arts and culture play an important role in society as a whole, support will be given to organizations that provide quality in their productions/exhibitions, access to the entire community and strong outreach and educational programs.

Review Process

The Foundation has an ongoing review policy and proposals are reviewed quarterly. In reviewing a grant, the following criteria will be used to determine fundability of a grant request that matches the FFF gifting goals:

Clarity Of Purpose - The organization's request should be clearly defined with a specific description of how goals/tasks will be achieved and how funds will be spent. A succinct and pithy project description and budget must be included.

Potential For Success - The organization must demonstrate that they have additional funding sources, manpower, and community support as well as the time to achieve their goals. Projects must be realistic and concrete.

Leadership - Stability in the leadership of the organizations is a requirement, as well as a well-deserved reputation for results and effective management.

Financial Stability - A history of overall financial stability is highly desirable. The FFF will require that each organization provide their current audited financial statement, prior to funding.

Measurements And Results - Major gifts pledged over a period of time will require milestones that will be monitored, met and reported back to the FFF for continued review. All major gifts will require a semi-annual and a final report at the project's completion, outlining how the funds were spent, as well as detailing the overall achievements for the project.

Site Visits - While not always possible, site visits by board members prior to gifting, during the gifting period and following the project's completion are considered desirable.

Farrell Family Foundation
PO Box 205, Kentfield, CA 94914 USA